Passive Asset Detection System





  Description   File
  PADS 1.2   pads-1.2.tar.gz  (Signature)
  pads-archiver 1.2   pads-archiver-1.2.tar.gz  (Signature)


  Description   Author   File
  Assets to MySQL     Tony Lukasavage     atm-111104.tar.gz  

  GPG Signing:  

  All PADS releases are signed using GnuPG. In order to verify a release, download the signature and the author's key. Keys can be found on the 'Contact' page. If you are the paranoid type, feel free to email the author directly for a copy of the key. The following commands will verify the package:

  gpg --import
  gpg --verify pads-1.2.tar.gz.asc pads-1.2.tar.gz


  CVS is a development tool used to store and track changes to source code. The entire PADS project, including the website, is stored using CVS.

The source code for PADS can be directly retrieved from the CVS repository. This allows you to test new features before official release. Along with new features, you will also be able to test new bugs. Since this is the development repository, the latest revision of the code is bound to have bugs.

If you would like to retrieve the most current code, the following instructions will walk you through the build process. Please keep in mind that the build process requires the GNU autoconf and automake utilities.

Step 1 - Get the Code

Run the following commands to retrieve the source code:

  cvs login
  cvs -z3 co pads

Alternately, you can replace the second command with the following command to retrieve version 1.2.

cvs -z3 co -rPADS_1_2 pads

Step 2 - Prepare the Code

Move to the directory containing the PADS source code. For PADS version 1.1.3 and lower, execute the following commands:

  tar -xvzf pcre-4.5.tar.gz

For PADS versions greater than 1.1.3, execute the following command:


Step 3 - Compile the Code

The code is now ready to be compiled.

  make install